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  Mr. Ali Taha Al-Temimi - Chairman

It is indeed an honour for me to assume the position as Chairman of PPEPCA, for the remaining term from June 01, 2024 to September 30, 2024. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Executive Committee members for putting their confidence in me.

PPEPCA is a strong representative body which draws its strength from the expertise and experience available from within its (15) member companies. It has since its inception in May 1995 matured into a highly professional and effective advisory and representative body of the industry.

PPEPCA will continue to enhance its role for addressing industry issues for improvement of investment climate and operating environment, including the security situation, for the Exploration and Production (E&P) industry in Pakistan. We will continue to follow-up with the government for holding regular bidding rounds with emphasis on off-shore blocks & frontier regions to keep the sector alive and vibrant and bring hitherto unexplored areas under exploration. Our efforts will continue to achieve the earliest resolution of outstanding regulatory and fiscal issues facing our industry. We shall also continue to remain engaged with the Ministry of Energy to provide policy guidelines focusing on incentives for investments in implementation and development of unconventional, offshore and frontier projects. A number of initiatives PPEPCA has been working over the last few years have achieved maturity in early 2024.

The community development and social welfare projects undertaken by our member companies in their respective operating areas will continue to be highlighted through a special magazine publication which will include members’ shared experiences. In addition, we are also focused on health, safety, environment, security requirements, human resource, and training needs of professionals for the benefit of the E&P industry.

Our open communication policy of sharing of information and expertise amongst the member companies and other stakeholders will continue. We will continue to maintain good cordial relations with the Ministry of Energy, Petroleum Division and other associated government departments, federal as well as provincial.

As Chairman, my efforts would be to further improve and enhance PPEPCA’s role and influence, for which I look forward for the continued support of the members.

Mr. Ali Taha Al-Temimi

Chairman PPEPCA


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