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Dewan Petroleum (Pvt.) Limited ("DPL")
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Dewan Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd
2nd Floor, Manzoor Plaza, 14-E, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Dewan Zia-ur-Rehman Farooqui
President/Chief Executive Officer

Dewan Petroleum (Pvt.) Limited (“DPL”) is a Pakistani exploration and production company which is operating the Salsabil gas field in the Safed Koh Block, Punjab. Today DPL is a full cycle E&P company with active involvement in the exploration, development and production of petroleum in Pakistan to meet the growing energy needs of the country.

DPL started its operations in 2005 by acquiring majority working interest in Safed Koh exploration license (EL) and became the operator of the Safed Koh Concession. International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) acquired a 10% equity stake in DPL in 2006 as part of an overall financing package for exploration and development activities in the Safed Koh Block.

To date, DPL has drilled 7 exploratory and development wells in the Safed Koh concession area and is producing around 40 mmcfd from 5 wells at Salsabil. DPL aims to increase its production to 60 mmcfd by end 2009 with the ultimate production target of 100mmcfd.

Salsabil Gas Field:
In March 2005, DPL along-with its joint venture partners made a gas discovery from Lower Goru formation at Salsabil through the drilling the Dewan-1 well. In 2008, DPL discovered sizeable additional hydrocarbon reserves in the Chiltan, Sembar and Lower Ranikot / Dunghan formations at Salsabil.

The Salsabil development work involved production & transportation facilities to process the gas to bring it to the pipeline quality. In 2007, DPL successfully installed a Gas Purification Plant (Salsabil Plant) which has been linked to the existing SNGPL pipeline located 23 km south east of Salsabil.

Exploration Activities:
Following successful discoveries in the Lower Guru, Chiltan and Sembar at Salsabil field, DPL is committed to exploration activities in Pakistan. In the Safed Koh Block, two large surface features, Afiband and Zindapir, are the exploration targets. An Afiband deepening well is planned in 2009 to test the Lower Guru, Sembar and Chiltan formations.

DPL has also been provisionally awarded five exploration blocks and in the near future, after the execution of Concession documents, the exploration activities in the said blocks would commence.

Dewan Drilling:
DPL owns majority interest in Dewan Drilling Limited (DDL), a drilling and oilfield services company which is operating two drilling rigs in Pakistan. DDL ensures continuity and timely availability of rigs for the development and exploration activities of DPL as well as other industry players. The two Chinese made rigs, Rig Zulfiqar (ZJ-40, 1300 HP) and Rig Hataf (ZJ-30, 1000 HP) were purchased by DDL in 2006-7. DDL is the first Pakistani company in the oilfield services industry and in terms of staff, equipments, tools, safety and security is well placed to offer quality services and wide ranging expertise to its customers.

DPL’s Sponsors:
As Head of the Dewan Mushtaq Group until 2007, the Sponsor shareholder of DPL, Mr. Dewan Zia-ur-Rehman Farooqui has an enviable track record of developing and managing complex businesses in Pakistan. Over the course of his career, he has also played an instrumental role in forging successful Pakistan based partnerships with a number of reputed international organizations including Mitsubishi Corporation, Samyang Corporation, Hyundai Motors, Rally Energy, Citadel Capital and IFC.


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