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MOL Pakistan Oil and Gas Co. B.V.

Companies' Name & Postal Address Name & Designation Telephone Fax
MOL Pakistan Oil & Gas Company B.V. Islamabad Stock Exchange Towers, Floor No. 17, 55-B, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad Mr. Laszlo Zsolt Adam
Managing Driector/Chief Executive Officer
92 (51) 111-665-725
92 (51) 2655801-10
92 (51) 2655828

MOL strives to promote the welfare of the community. It is actively engaged in community development in TAL concession area. We have provided basic health unit facilities at Gurguri and surrounding area and have constructed eight bed hospital, has up-graded various school and boys college in Kohat and Hangu in the past. In the year 2002 we have built an Examination hall for one hundred students in the vicinity of Boys School at Gurguri. MOL is also planning to drill two water wells in the village Gurguri and Urbashi, besides the road from Terri to Gurguri will also be repaired during this year.


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