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Sindh Petroleum (Pvt) Limited

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Sindh Petroleum (Pvt) Limited Energy Department, Government of Sindh 3rd Floor, State Life Building No. 3 Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Karachi Mr. Tariq Ali Shah
Chief Executive Officer
92 (21) 99207175 92 (21) 99207174

Under the 18th amendment in the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Provinces have been given equal management and regulatory rights of hydrocarbon reserves explored in their respective territory. To grasp this opportunity and to actively participate in the exploration of vast reserves of Oil and Gas present in Sindh province, Government of Sindh took initiative of incorporating a private Exploration & Production (E&P) company. Sindh Petroleum (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated under the Company Ordinance of 1984 as a subsidiary of Sindh Energy Holding (Pvt.) Limited, on 07th July, 2014 at Karachi.

As the energy needs of Pakistan are growing the main objectives of Sindh Petroleum is to explore new avenues of fossil fuel reserves and increase the indigenous production of hydrocarbons by carrying out exploration activities, entering into Joint Venture operations, and also attract foreign and local investment in this sector.In addition, Sindh Petroleum is also envisioned to study the feasibility and exploit the unconventional reserves of Hydrocarbon of Sindh in particular and of Pakistan in general. These unconventional reserves not only include shale gas or tight gas but also containCoal Gasification, Coal bed methane, Gas Hydrates etc. some of which are available in Sindh in large quantities.

Currently, Sindh Petroleum is involved in evaluating various blocks for Joint Venture partnership with other operating companies as well as also identifying suitable and prospective areas for which it will bid in the future bidding rounds.



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